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Creating good photographs, as any seasoned photographer will tell you, is about much more than pure "nuts and bolts" technical matters. Certainly a command of the technical details is very important, and for some types of images, essential. The digital cameras and sophisticated digital darkroom software we use today are very technical, but knowing what button to push, what adjustment to make or which exposure method to use is not everything. Reflections on the nature of photography itself, on why you make the images you do, what they mean, how you see the world, and understanding the arc of your own creativity are also important elements that go into making good photographs.

And so in this section, I will be offering not only articles and tutorials that cover technical "technique", both in terms of the camera and the digital darkroom, but also essays and musings that take a look at the reflective and meditative "technique" that is a vital part of the creative life of any artist.

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Tips, Tutorials,
Photoshop & Lightroom How To, etc
Essays & Musings on Photography,
Digital Imaging & the Creative Process

Fixing a Blown Out Sky, Parts 1 & 2
Tutorial Videos

Developing a Digital Backup Strategy

Photoshp CS3: Creating Image Mirrors
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The Great Photoshop Layer Migration
How to transfer the layers and layer masks from a small master image to a larger version and have everything line up perfectly!
(2 pages, pdf, 296k)

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