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Personalized Online Consulting

Interactive Online Consulting. Using special web conferencing software that allows sharing of computer screens, I can provide customized consulting via the internet.The software will allow me to work with you in Adobe Photoshop as if we were conducting a face-to-face consulting session. The telephone will be our voice connection and the interent will provide the visual link. As always, my consultations are custom tailored to your specific needs and requests.
Learn more about Personalized Online Consulting.

One-on-One Consulting & Custom Workshops

If you use Photoshop or Lightroom professionally, or are serious about mastering these programs for your personal photography, consider onsite custom training as a way to take your skills to the next level. Unlike books, or regular classes, personalized one-on-one training is targeted to teach the skills that you want to learn. I work closely with my clients to evaluate their current skill set and determine the areas where they would like to improve. These sessions can be scheduled as private, one-on-one appointments, or for small groups. Private sessions are also ideal of you want to work on a specific project in a time frame that fits your own schedule better than traditional workshops.

I live in the Sierra foothills of northern California and the greater Sacramento and San Francisco Bay areas are on my regular consulting schedule for existing clients. If you live in that area and are interested in setting up a personalized training session, please contact me.

I also meet with consutling clients in other parts of the country when I am in the area for one of my other workshops, so please check my workshop schedule to see if I will be passing near your location.

Corporate Consulting

How do you raise the digital imaging skill level of an entire department, increase efficiency and productivity and have a great time doing it?

Hire a Photoshop expert with proven teaching skills to come to you for a one day, or multi-day session covering the techniques and procedures your department needs to know.

By scheduling in-house training sessions for your graphic design, photo retouching, or web production departments, you can benefit from a custom curriculum developed expressly for your situation. I work closely with my clients to evaluate their needs and the current skill set of their creative team. A lesson plan is then developed to craft a training program that is specific to each group, often using images and projects that they deal with in their daily work.

Please contact us if you are interested in arranging custom Photoshop, Lightroom, or digital photography training for your company.

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, Maine. A blend of two tripod-mounted exposures and several adjustment layers.