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“I can speak firsthand of what it is like to be one of Seán's students: fun, enlightening, non-threatening, beneficial, and very satisfying. He presents highly technical material in a clear, disarming, useful manner with much humor. Seán welcomes questions or comments from the class at any point and fields them with grace.
Brian Taylor,
Professor of Art and Design,
San Jose State University

“I have to let you know that your teaching did wonders for my photos. Your class was really worth it.”
Eddie Melikian, Photographer

“I attended your intermediate at UCSC Extension about a year ago. I have sent a couple of friends your way as I thought you were an inspired and very patient teacher.”
Cathy Gannes, Photographer

“Seán is the best Photoshop instructor you have! I wish he would teach the other Photoshop classes.”

“Seán’s teaching skills are excellent. Some of the best I’ve experienced.”

“The instructor was great...very knowledgeable and explained things clearly. This was probably the best Adobe class I’ve taken yet.”

“Seán is an outstanding instructor, extremely knowledgeable in his field. He is friendly, helpful and takes the time to explain things clearly so that everyone understands what he’s doing, why he’s doing it and how he’s doing it. Great class, great instructor! I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn Photoshop for photography.”

“The targeted content is perfect for working photographers.”

“I wanted to thank you for such a great class! I am signing up for your intermediate class. I took nine classes this quarter and I have to say that, for me, your teaching was the best. You have a way of clearly stating things that is perfect for my mind.”

“Seán is an excellent teacher. He is clear and patient. I teach at a community college and I have high standards!”

“Seán is very effective in leading a class in a fluid, directed fashion through the complexities of Photoshop.”

“Seán is the best Photoshop teacher. I’ve taken many classes and I understand what he teaches. This class was excellent. Most of my questions were answered. Seán was very helpful and very patient.”

“The pace of the class was just right. Seán easily projected his mastery of the software and digital imaging process.”